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Retiring in St George, Utah

imageSt George Utah has become a very popular retirement destination over the years. Yet with all the population growth, St George has still maintained much of its small town charm. St. George is located in the Southwest corner of Utah only 8 miles from the Arizona border along I-15. Only 90 minutes from Las Vegas, this beautiful retirement community is adjacent some of the most attractive mountain and recreational areas in the country. The surrounding red-rock terrain is stunning and Zion National Park is a short, scenic 30 miles drive to the northeast. Surrounding areas offer extensive recreation opportunities, including golf, and hiking. St George residents even enjoy snow skiing in the nearby Brianhead Ski Resort just over an hour up I-15. Yet it rarely snows in St George - and when it does it is gone in minutes. The warm winter weather is one of the main attractions to this beautiful retirement community. St George, Utah.

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imageSenior Insurance Agent Greg Davies has been helping Utah Residents find the Right Health, Medicare, Life & Retirement plans since 1997. When you make the decision to head to St George Utah, you often are eligible to pick a new insurance plan based on your "SEP" or Special Election Period. Whether you have lived here for many years or just arriving, Greg Davies wants to be your Insurance agent.

Medicare Supplement plans - Authorized to offer all Medicare Health & Prescription plans available
PDP Prescription Drug Plans - Medicare Part D plans in Utah
MAPD Medicare Advantage Part C plans -There are many MAPD Medicare Advantage plans to choose from in Washington County in Utah
ACA Health Insurance Marketplace plans - During the AEP Annual Enroolment from Nov 1 - Dec 15 as well as SEP Special Enrollment Periods throughout the year.

Since 1997, Greg has helped literally thousands of people find the Right Plan at the Right Price, Right Away! Remember, it doesn't cost you a penny to let Greg be your insurance agent, and it helps him stay in business! So we thank you for your trust. Why not let Greg's almost 20 years of experience help you find the Right Plan at the Right Price? Call Greg now (435) 767-1415

Some of the Reasons to Fall in Love with St George, Utah Area

There are so many things to love about St George, Utah.  This small town is growing up into a vibrant medium sized city.  The growth has been noted on the national stage, but somehow the area retains that small town feeling.

Here are a few things I love about St George, Utah:

The City Parks:
There are so many parks in St George!  Whether you are a family with small children, a couple or are single, the parks in St George are awesome. Not only do these parks have the typical grass and playgrounds but many of them have splash pads and shaded play areas. The new Thunder Junction has a splash pad and kids train, Town Square which has a splash pad, wading stream, and the children’s museum. Located closer to our house are the Hidden Valley Park and Little Valley parks both of which also have splash pads.

Black Rock Petroglyphs South of St George Utah

The Nature trails:

St George has miles and miles of trails. Natural and paved trails for walking, biking, skating, and anything else you could do with a trail. Here is a map to give you an idea of just some of what’s available to explore.

Natural Parks: State & National
Within just a couple of hours drive of St George there are an incredible amount of fantastic natural sites including, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Kolob Canyon, The Grand Canyon North Rim, Lake Powell, Valley of Fire State Park, Bryce Canyon, Sand Hollow, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Capitol Reef, and Lake Meade.  People come from all over the world to enjoy what is right here in our

Southern Utah is known for world class entertainment with attractions such as Tuacahn in Ivins, the Shakespeare Festival and Neil Simon Festival in nearby Cedar City.

The Arts:
Art Galleries are everywhere.  Live theater companies provide great entertainment in St George, Washington, Springdale and Cedar City.  As one of the first settlements in Utah St George is rich with Pioneer history. Some interesting places to visit are the LDS Temple and visitor center, the Brigham Young house and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Dixie State University is growing up!  No longer a minor junior college, Dixie State now boast the title as one of the fastest growing schools in Utah.  With that growth comes state of the art facilities just announced that will enhance the community.

Sand Hollow Golf Course, Hurricane Utah

Sports and Attractions:

Golf, Golf and more golf.  And did I tell you there is golf also? Of course you can’t talk about St George without talking about Golf. There are at least 15 golf courses in Southern Utah between Cedar City and St George. Likewise, just a 30 minute drive south to Mesquite NV offers an additional six courses. So if Golf is your thing, you’ll have plenty to do here.
Cycling - the trails in St George are incredicle.  Paths connect through the whole area and must be riden to be appreciated.
Pickleball – Thousands of people are discovering St George through Pickleball. Efforts by local residents and city government to expand pickleball courts and tournaments in the area are leading St George to become recognized throughout the country as a major hub for this up and coming sport.
St George Marathon - This annual event in October is world renouned and is a favorite on the marathon circuit.
St George Senior Games - Second to none, the Senior games in St George brings seasoned athletes from around the world to compete in this unique world event.
Snow and Ski — Just 30 minutes above Cedar City is the Brian Head Ski Resort that is know for great skiing and breathtaking views.

Medical and Hospital Access:
Dixie Regional Medical Center $300 Million Expansion - For being a medium sized community, St George has an incredible hospital.  My clients in Mesquite usually ask me what plans would allow them to go to St George for treatment without having to head to Las Vegas.  With numerous awards, Dixie Regional Hospital has grown to a world class facility.  They are in the middle of a major expansion that will triple the size of the facility and add a neruological trauma center that will be the best in the area.

Hundreds of doctors and specialist of every variety are found in the networks.  We currently have 3 Medicare Advantage plans in St George, Utah which is 2-3 more than most of Southern Utah!  The health plan options are increasing each year as the population requires.

You just have to see it to believe it.  There is nothing like the Red Rock, Blue Skies of St George.

Gunlock Reservoir near St George Utah

This is one of the best features.  Not as hot as Las Vegas, but very mild winters.  Occasional snow, but very rare.  Usually is gone withing minutes if it comes at all.  Most people can get away with shorts and t-shirts year round.  Palm trees and sunshine is what St George is known for.

You need to get here.  Fast :)


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