Accident Indemnity Lump Sum Cash Plans

Update: We are currently searching for the best options availble.  The following plan was available as of Nov 17, 2017, but has discontinued taking new business.  Check back shortly!

Accident plans pay IN ADDITION to what insurance plan pays. 

Accident Example
If you have a $2,500 deductible plus 20% up to $5,000 on your health insurance and someone tears their ACL and has surgery the total charges may be $20,000. By the time they run the charges through Selecthealth, you may get a $3,000 network discount leaving the allowed charges at $17,000. After you pay the $2,500 plus 20% up to $5,000,
Basically, you would be on the hook for $5,000.

With the Accident plan: You get a check for $17,000 even though you only owe $5,000 to SelectHealth.

Note: Must seek initial treatment within 72 hours, must get an MRI, X-Rays, Imaging completed within 14 days, must get your surgery completed within 3 follow up visits and 45 days of the initial injury.

So even if you are not sure if you want it, you should apply before it is gone. You can always cancel it later, but you can't buy it after Friday Nov 17.  I was so focused on Medicare and Obamacare I almost missed this. Sorry for the short notice!

What is an Accident Indemnity Plan?
Lump sum cash paid to you for the actual cost of your accident - regardless of what you might get covered by insurance.  Works even if you have NO health insurance. Indemnity plans pay IN ADDITION to whatever insurance you have. So if you or a family member has an accident for $10,000.  Your health plan pays what it pays and you will pay a portion of the bill like a deductible and coinsurance, etc.  Then your Accident Indemnity plan kicks in and pays you $9,500 Cash.  Yep.  Cash. To. YOU!  Doesn't matter if your insurance paid most of the bill, you get paid CASH for the TOTAL cost of the bill.  It is intended to help you by paying you cash that you use to recover financially from an accident.  The benefit is paid once per calendar year.  You MUST be treated within 72 hours of the accident, and other rules apply. But bottom line: Cash. To. YOU!

Plan Features:
Immediate cash paid to you
Lump sum payment
Up to $25,000 in coverage
Dollar for dollar reimbursement
No network restrictions
No waiting periods
No lifetime limits
Individual, spouse or family coverage
Guaranteed issued
Paid in addition to major medical
Issue Ages 0-64
Guaranteed renewable up to age 65

What does the Accident Indemnity Plan Cost?
Depends on your Age.  A 30 yr old Male would pay as little as $32.53 / month for a plan that gives him a $10,000 accident plan with a $500 deductible. So even if he had a super high $6,650 deductible bronze HSA plan, he would have money left over for a $10,000 claim.  The health plan would be completely paid off by the $9,500 he would receive, and he would keep the rest for anything else he wanted to spend it on. Bottom line, you would keep thousands in your pocket.

Example Rates for a $10,000 Accident plan with a $500 per incident deductible:
(Note: You can get up to $25,000 plan for not much more if you are over age 30!)

Single: Age 25 - $56.94 / month (Note - Under 30 is the most expensive category... more accident prone!)
Single: Age 30 - $32.53 / month
Single: Age 45 - $23.77 / month
Single: Age 60 - $23.29 / month

Couple: Male 25, Wife 25 - $99.69 / month
Couple: Male 30, Wife 30 - $54.28 / month (Note: See how the price goes in half if you are over 30! More responsible? HAHA)
Couple: Male 45, Wife 45 - $38.08 / month
Couple: Male 60, Wife 60 - $33.01 / month

Family: Male 25, Wife 25 & 3 kids - $156.55 / month (Note - kids can only be covered to age 25)
Family: Male 30, Wife 30 & 5 kids - $111.14 / month
Family: Male 45, Wife 45 & 5 kids - $94.93 / month

Critical Illness Rider
For an additional cost, (Male Age 30 would pay apx $13 per adult + $10 for all kids combined) you can add a Critical Illness rider that pays you up to $10,000 if you are diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke. If you wanted a $25,000 benefit the prices above are about double, etc. We can run a quote to see if you could get this plan at an affordable price.  Bottom line is that you get a big check if you get diagnosed.  Do whatever you want with the money.

Why is the Accident Plan ending?
The government doesn't like the competition to the ACA/Obamacare.  Too many people are still not on the ACA, and were using short term plans and accident plans as a substitution.  So the Government didn't like that and has now made it illegal to have a short term plan last longer than 90 days which defeated the purpose of the plans. Now the accident plans are also being hit with new ACA rules that make it impossible for them to offer plans.  So a few months ago, the best plan on the market - American General - became the ONLY plan on the market.  After the new rules are set to kick in the end of the year, American General has now decided that it will no longer accept new business after Friday November 17, 2017.  But if you get it before then, it is yours!

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