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Greg Davies has been helping Utah residents get the right insurance plans at the right price since 1997. Greg is an expert in Health insurance, Life insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug plans, Maternity plans, Wealth planning, and planning for an abundant retirement.
Medicare AEP or Annual Enrollment Period Each year there is an AEP or Annual Enrollment Period where you can change your medicare health plan. AEP goes from October 15 to December 7th each year. Pre-AEP is from October 1 to October 14. During this time, you can discuss plans with an agent, but you cannot submit any paperwork. During AEP (October 15 to December 7) you can pick another MAPD or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan, or a PDP Prescription Drug Plan. This can be done without going through any medical questions and you are guaranteed coverage as long as you have Medicare Part A and/or Part B.
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Our Senior Agent, Gregory "Greg" Davies has been also become certified for Health Care Reform's "ObamaCare" Federal Health Insurance Exchanges to serve his clients in the changes ahead. (Remember, he didn't make the law... but he can help you understand it!)  Greg Davies founded Insurance Benefit Plans of Utah in 1997. As President & CEO - as well as the founding Senior Insurance Agent - Greg has been able to help people in Utah, Nevada & Arizona get the Right Plan, at the Right Price, Everytime. He especially likes to help people in difficult situations and will go the extra mile to get the right plan for the specific situation.

After 16 years in South Jordan Utah, Greg & his wife Adele now serve all of Utah from Sunny St George. For almost 25 years, Greg has helped hundreds of families, self employed, and small businesses discover health benefits and financial services that they may not have considered. Both Greg & Adele have degrees from BYU - Greg graduating with a degree in Finance while Adele is a SPL Speech Language Pathologist.  This financial background helps him serve the  retirement and wealth planning needs from "Generation X" to "Baby Boomers."

Greg & Adele are proud parents of 9 adult children and love spoiling their 8 grandchildren, country & family. Greg was one of the first agents in Utah to be certified to help Utah residents obtain subsidies and choose health insurance plans in the Federal Health Exchanges.  Let him help you find out if you are getting a tax rebate / subsidy.  Call Greg now at (435) 767-1415 anytime. Get Online Quote, and Apply Online Immediately! There is no need to speak with an agent, but call with any questions!

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Want to Meet during AEP Annual Enrollment this fall for the Medicare & Health Plans?
Note: The appointment links below are for those wanting to make changes or initiate a new plan for the following Jan 1.There are specific dates to make these changes as per below.

Medicare AEP Annual Enrollment Appointment Office  / Video or Phone Consultation: October 1 - December 7 each year - Set Medicare AEP Appointment
ACA Health Insurance Appointment (Non-Medicare) Office, Video or Phone Consultation: November 1 - December 15 -
Set ACA Health Appointment

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Helping you pick the Right Plan at the Right Price since 1997

Serving Utah Individuals, Families and Medicare Beneficiaries from here in Sunny St George, Utah! We have been helping people with Medicare and Health Insurance since 1997. We serve all of Utah, Arizona & Nevada from right here in Sunny St George, Utah. We represent all the major plans in the area, and it doesn't cost a penny for our services.

The company that offers the health plan you eventually choose pays us a fee to help you. But remember that it is the same cost to you whether you use my help or go directly to the Insurance Company. No one can give you a lower rate, or a better plan because as an Independent Agency we are free to represent all the major plans in the area.

We are offering you almost 20 years of experience to get you the Health and Medicare Plans that are right for you. You could do it all yourself, but why not let our almost 20 years of experience a try instead? Call today for a phone consultation at (435) 767-1415


"ObamaCare" ACA Health Exchange

We can help you get a health plan on or off the ACA "ObamaCare" Exchange. We help you apply for the subsidy and pick the right plan.

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Medicare Health Plans

If you are eligible for Medicare, we have all the plans that work with Medicare Parts A & B. Get Medicare Supplement Plans or the popular Medicare Advantage MAPD

See Medicare Plans

MAPD Medicare Advantage Plans

Is an MAPD right for you? We can get you all the information you will need to make that determination.

Medicare Advantage

PDP Prescription Drug Plans

Picking the right PDP is very important. We carry all the major plans in the market. Call us today to see if you qualify.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Utah

image Choosing the right Medicare Supplemental Plan is critical. Picking a plan that raises your rates drastically over the years can be devastating.  Especially if you have had some pre-existing conditions pop up during that time.

This may make it difficult to switch to another Medicare Supplement plan. Knowing which plans have been the most stable over the years can be a great advantage. We have been helping seniors pick the right Utah Medicare Supplement plan since 1997. We have seen plans come and go and know what works well for our clients. We offer Medicare Plans A-F.

Since new Medicare beneficiaries eligible on or after January 1, 2020 cannot select Plan F anymore, Medicare Supplement Plan G becomes the new standard plan. Many are discovering the great coverage as well as the savings associated with Medicare Plan G.   Are you relocating to St George Utah from Out of State?  We would love to discuss all the aspects of your move and make recommendations based on your specific situation.  There is much to consider and we can help!   Utah Medicare Supplement Information

Utah Medicare Advantage Plans

AEP Annual Enrollement begins every October 15 and goes until December 7th each year. During AEP you can choose a new Utah Medicare Advantage plan regardless of your health (except End Stage Renal Disease).

Let us help you pick the right plan to fit your specific needs. Are you eligible for Medicare? Or maybe you have a loved one over 65, or someone under 65 who is eligible for Medicare and is in need of a Medicare Insurance plan?

We can help you find out which plan would fit your needs. We offer Regence, SelectHealth, Altius, AARP, & Humana (if available in your county). See Utah Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare PDP Prescription Drug Plans

image During AEP Annual Enrolment Period (Oct 1 - Dec 7 each year) you can choose a new PDP Prescription Drug Plan. Let us help you analyze the drugs you take to see which PDP gives you the lowest combination of drug copays even through the Coverage Gap.  Let us help you find the right plan for your specific needs.   See Medicare Plans

Health Insurance and ObamaCare

Call (435) 767-1415

Do you need a Health Insurance plan for those not on Medicare? The ACA Affordable Healthcare Act allows AEP Annual Enrollment Period from November 1 to December 15 each year for plans beginning January 1, of the following year. Maybe you or your spouse is not yet 65 and needs a great Senior Health Insurance plan before you turn 65.

Greg was one of the first agents in Utah to be certified to help Utah residents choose health insurance plans in the Federal Health Exchanges. Let us help you find out if you are getting a tax rebate / subsidy.Apply Now

Utah Short Term Health Plans

Sometimes you only need coverage for a specific period of time. If you are between employer health plans for a few months, or just need short term, temporary health coverage, we can help. The laws have changed to now allow up 12 months of continuous temporary health plan coverage. This can actually be used as an alternative to the ACA "Obamacare" health plans. Note: These temporary plans do not cover pre-existing conditions among other deficiencies. Having said that, they work great for the right kind of situation. Get a Short Term Health Insurance Quote

Dental Insurance Plans in Utah

Dental care is a very important part of our overall health and wellbeing. Getting the right dental insurance plan can make all the difference. Some plans offer discounts on services from any dental provider. Others require that you use a certain network list of dental professionals. And yet others are a combination of the two. Some have deductibles, others only a discount on every service with no waiting period. We can offer great Utah Dental Coverage for individuals, families, Self Employed and Small Businesses. Dental Insurance Plans

Utah Life Insurance

Finding a term life insurance quote is easy. Finding an insurance company that is right for you may be more difficult. Do you need a Utah Senior Final Expense plan? How about Guaranteed Life Insurance for Utah Seniors? For example, the lowest rate online does not always mean YOU will get that rate. If you are sub-standard, over weight, a smoker or have other health or family history issues then you may need the help of a life insurance professional to help you find the right plan for your specific needs.

Do you have estate issues? What about an employer buy-sell agreement for your business partnership? Whole Life, Universal Life or Index Universal Life needs? We can help you get the right plan for you. Get Life Insurance Information

Missionary Service and Accident Plans

Are you contemplating missionary service? Maybe you need a Short Term plan? We have plans that work great Health Insurance for LDS senior missionaries, Short Term and Accident and Supplemental Hospital plans for all your needs. Even if you already have great health coverage, we can help cover your out of pocket expenses even if you have a high deductible plan and are looking to cover the gaps. Call Greg Davies today at (435) 767-1415 for more details

Wealth Planning and Retirement


Will you have enough money to retire well? What can you do now to be ready then?
Do you have a 401k from a previous employer? We can get you the right financial plan with an income stream for your golden years.
So when is the best time to start planning for retirement? 40 years ago!  When is the next best time? RIGHT NOW!
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Medicare Supplement

The Medicare Plan F from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and the AAPR Medicare Plan F cover all of your Medicare Needs.

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ACA "ObamaCare" Plans

Picking a plan that is "On Exhange" means you can access the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and possibly qualify for a subsidy.

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Retirement Planning

401k Rollover, IRA, Annuities - We have all the tools to help you build your nest egg, and then preserve it for retirement years.

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Part C: Medicare Advantage

Choose a Medicare Health Insurance Plan or "Medicare Advantage" Plan to get low premiums and copays. These are PPO & HMO plans for Medicare Beneficiaries.

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Life Insurance

Let us help you pick the right Life Insurance Option for you and your family. Term, Whole Life, Universal Life... We will sort it out for you and get you the plan you need.

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"Off Exchange" Health Plans

When you don't qualify for a subsidy, you might be able to pick a plan "Off Exchange" that is not available to you otherwise. But remember you won't get a subsidy "Off Exchange."

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